Get the Starter Kit
Get the Starter Kit

You CAN Homeschool as a Working Parent.

Even if you work full time outside the home...without adding hours of stress, buying an expensive program, or put your kids in front of a computer all day.


Take Back Control - Get the Starter Kit for $27
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The Working Homeschooler Starter Kit - Just $27!

The Working Homeschooler Starter Kit gives you the guidance and tools that you need to take back your freedom and family life by homeschooling as a working parent. The Kit includes a Quickstart video series plus a resource center with multiple downloads and curriculum links to save you time as you make your homeschooling decisions.

Working Homeschooler Quickstart Videos

This Video Series Answers:

Am I qualified to teach my child?

How do I figure out child care?

Shouldn't my child be salt & light?

How could I possibly fit school into our day?

What if I have more than one child?

Where do I go for legal advice?

What about online schooling?

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Resources, Links, and Downloads:

Child Care Workbook

Curriculum suggestions by Subject

Answers for Critics

Working Homeschooler Success Path

Homeschooling Scripture List

Meal Planning Resources

Recommended Podcasts

Get Equipped to Homeschool



Here is what you MIGHT NOT KNOW About Homeschooling as a working parent:


It can take LESS time than helping with homework.

You can regain time and sanity in your evenings and stop the high-level tension of completing homework for someone else's deadline on a one-size-fits-all schedule.

It can REDUCE the stress and chaos in your home.

You are in charge. You control the content, the schedule, and the pacing. You can work on exactly what your kids need for the length of time that they need it.

It can be HEALTHIER for your child.

No more going to school for 7-8 hours a day and then coming home to hours of homework. Does this really sound healthy to you? You can help your child regain their childhood and sense of purpose.

It does NOT have to be expensive.

You can give your child an excellent education on a small budget. Even the most expensive curriculum available is less than private school tuition, and it's more customized to your child's needs.

It can be the BEST option for parents with a busy schedule

As a homeschooler, your day is not prescribed by anyone else. Your family gets to decide what is most important and how your schedules best fit together.
Homeschooling offers the highest level of flexibility for busy families.

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