About Me


Hi there! My name is Kelly.

I have been working full time and homeschooling for over a decade now.


I'm not amazingly patient or wicked-smart or a super multi-tasker. I'm just a working mom who was desperate to change things - desperate enough to give it a try and figure it out.

I wanted more "say-so" in what my kids were learning and how much help and support they received.

I wanted less chaos and more family time. 

I wanted our days to be about more than getting ready for school, driving to school, doing homework, and prepearing for school the next day.

My Christian faith is important to me, and so is raising a family with bibilical discipleship.

Homeschooling made all of these things easier. In short, homeschooling gave us our life back.

So I still don't know everything, but at this point I have graduated two kids into college and watched the next generation of my family begin.

I am a mom of three and a grandmother of two. I still have many years of homeschooling ahead of me with my youngest (a late-comer to the family). I'd like to spend those years helping other working parents who really want to homeschool - let's do it together.


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